Honor Flight-----George Price & Belinda Morse Featured Speakers

September 13, 2016 - 19:00

Before the creation of Honor Flight Southern Nevada, Belinda served as Director with Honor Flight Nevada in Las Vegas and coordinated the first flight of WWII veterans to leave in southern Nevada in May of 2013. The flight consisted of 35 veterans and 20 volunteer guardians on a three day trip to Washington D.C. She put together a team in Las Vegas that worked with Honor Flight Network, McCarran airport staff, Southwest Airlines, local veterans groups, organizations in Washington D. C. and small businesses around the community to make the first flight a success. In June 2013 the group working on the flight here, started their own Honor Flight Hub, with the permission of the National Honor Flight Program. With the creation of the Honor Flight Southern Nevada, Belinda has served as Board Chairman and the Executive Director for each of the four flights. Through the efforts of Honor Flight Southern Nevada’s team, they have escorted 146 WWII veterans to Washington D.C as of April 2015.
Belinda Morse has over 17 years in career development, spending time in the Workforce Development arena and private consulting. She completed her undergraduate studies in political science, went on to get a degree in education and then finished up with a Masters degree in Organizational Development. Belinda has obtained the designation of Master Career Development Professional by the National Career Development Association and received additional training from the Workforce Development Professional.
Belinda has owned her own business for over 15 years and has worked with companies to conduct strategic planning, develop HR hiring procedures, find candidates for job openings, develop customized training for employers and conducted Change Management training. As a former military spouse, she continues to serve veterans making their transition from military jobs to the private sector.
Please plan on attending and hear Ms. Morse's talk about this wonderful service for Veterans

Freedom is not Free panel Korean War Veterans

October 11, 2016 - 19:00

Always termed “The Forgotten War” the Korean conflict suffered 55,000 deaths in the early 1950’s. The conflict, then termed a “police action”, now has come to the forefront evidenced by the recent building of the Korean War Memorial in Washington D.C.
Our panel discussion for October will feature three veteran witnesses, and also a part of the action, as well as a resident Korean lady civilian. Our panel will be hosted by ever popular Steve McCarthy, a veteran and retired Army officer.
Our Panel:
Harold Nabhan, 1st Lieutenant, Army
Louis Caras, Lieutenant Colonel, Army (Ret)
Patty B. Ko, Korean and WWII civilian
Richard Rose, MCPO, Navy

Please plan to join us as three veterans and a civilian share their experiences.

Veterans Day Program

November 11, 2016 - 11:00

We are pleased to have as our 2016 Veterans Day speaker 92 year old resident Carroll F. Knutson a true American hero.
Carroll’s story is of valor, laced with terror and patriotic service to our country as a WWII B-17 Co-pilot. He completed his pilot training in Dalhart, TX, in March, 1944. Later from Kearney, NE he and his crew ferried their B-17 to England. Carroll was assigned to the 447th Bomb Group. During their 13th mission, June 8th, 1944, they were shot down by flak over Hanover, Germany while bombing a synthetic fuel refinery. Miraculously, the entire crew parachuted to safety and all survived the war. Jumping from the burning B-17, Carroll sustained a leg injury that has left him with a limp as a reminder of that fateful day. He was captured and interned in POW camp in Poland. Later he was transferred to POW camp Stalag Luft 3 (made famous as the location of “The Great Escape”) until rescued at the end of WWII.
For his service to our country, 1st Lieutenant Knutson was awarded the Air Medal, Pow Medal, WWII Victory Medal, the Presidential Unit Citation and in 2014 The French Legion of Honor.
Carroll holds a BS, MS, and PHD from Stanford University with geology majors. He has also written numerous books and papers related to geology.
Carroll resides in Sun City Anthem, Henderson. NV. He has three sons and one daughter.

The Fall of the Shah of Iran in 1979 and the rise of the Mullahs

December 13, 2016 - 19:00

Our Speaker for the December 13th meeting will be Anthem Resident, Don Fisk. Mr. Fisk will talk about the fall of the Shah of Iran in 1979, the rise of the Mullahs and the ramifications that this had on that region of the middle East, then and now.
Mr. Fisk was in Iran working for AT&T at the time, setting up the telephone system for Iran, and had a first hand and close look at the events that transpired in 1979.
Please plan to attend this meeting for an illuminating view of how the Middle East evolved through that time period up to today.

100th Interview for Freedom is not Free

Freedom is not Free 100th Interview Celebration

On August 10, 2016, almost to the day of the initial interview 5 years ago in 2011, the FINF team celebrated their 100th interview as an affiliate of SCA-TV and partners with the Sun City Anthem Veterans Club.

A panel discussion was moderated by David Berman with panelist Steve McCarthy, Tony Calabro and Bill Campbell, host, director/editor and producer, respectively.
The program Genesis and special tapings were shared along with significant veteran interviewee stories. The discussion was sometimes serious and laced in humor.
The many volunteer hours to produce a professional product stands far above any other HOA that may capture veteran stories.
Our mission stands: To chronicle stories of veterans that would otherwise go untold for future generations to cherish.

2016 SCAVC Officers

From Left to Right
Art Lindberg---------President.......Steve McCarthy--------Vice President.........Paul MacDowell---------Secretary........Patrick Glazier-----Treasurer

Veterans Club Color Guard


 The SCAVC Color Guard was organized in 1999 and marches  at club events throughout the year.



Arnie Malinger USA; George Price USN; Jerry Jones USAF; Sydney Ingram USN; Roger Cooper USA;

Phil Citron USMC; Bill O'Malley USMC



At every membership meeting for the past five years our volunteer SUPPORT AUXILIARY TEAM* arrive early, to prepare the mess for our members and guests attending our meetings, and provide:
  • Coffee
  • Various flavors of punch
  • Cookies
  • Ice cold bottled water

Thank you, team, for stepping forward!

2015's Support Auxiliary Team is currently comprised of Janet Barsky, Debbie Glazier and Marilyn Gore.