LtCol (ret) Frank Bianca, Red Flag at Nellis AFB

April 11, 2017 - 19:00

Frank Bianca's Biography is as follows.

He Graduated from Southern Illinois University with an EE degree, Dec 1972. Commissioned the same month as a Second Lt. from AFROTC.
He Started pilot training in Jan 1973 at Laredo, TX. Finished T-38 as Outstanding Formation Pilot, and Outstanding Pilot of Class 74-05. Also, Outstanding Graduate.
Was assigned to fly the F-4 and went to the 311th Squadron at Luke AFB, Phoenix, AZ. Graduated Top Gun in the class.
Assigned to the to 80th Tactical Fighter Sqd, Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea for a one year remote tour. Sat many Victor Alerts on the nukes.
subsequently assigned to the 23rd Tactical Air Support Squadron, TASS, as a Forward Air Controller flying the O-2A out of Bergstrom AFB, Austin, TX in January, 1976.
Awarded Regular Commission. Left the regular Air Force in 1979 and joined the Illinois Air National Guard at Springfield, IL flying the F-4D in October, 1979.
Transferred to Missouri Air National Guard in St. Louis, MO flying the F-4E in August 1985.
Col Bianca was one of the Cold Warriors that brought the Soviet Bear to its knees. They accomplished this by being better trained, an example of this training was participating in over 10 Red Flag Exercises at Nellis AFB. He was also the Squadron Maverick Missile Instructor in St. Louis. Col. Bianca also had ten ocean crossings in the F-4. He finished his F-4 flying by being one of a handful of pilots travelling to Cairo, Egypt to fly the Egyptian F-4s in country and then taking them all the way to Hill Air Force Base, Salt Lake, UT for Periodic Depot Maintenance. After the jets were repaired and upgraded, he would fly them back to Egypt.
He flew his last F-4 flight, 21 September 1991 delivering one of the St. Louis F-4s to the Turkish Air Force in Eskisehir, Turkey.
He was then assigned to the 239th Combat Communications Squadron, St. Louis, MO. After being promoted to Lt. Col, he became the Squadron Commander in charge of 191 enlisted and nine officers.
Col. Bianca retired from the military December 28, 1998.

Additionally in his spare time he was also an Airline Pilot and flew a variety of aircraft for Ozark/TWA/and finally United Airlines. He retired from United Airlines in 2013.
His talk to the Veterans Club will focus primarily on Red Flags and his experiences at Nellis AFB.

Mike Busch, Vietnam War Helicopter Pilot

May 9, 2017 - 19:00

Mike was a graduate of John Carroll University in 1961. He entered the ROTC program in hopes of becoming an Army officer. In his junior year he applied for Army Aviation taking fixed wing instructions at a local Cleveland airport.
Upon graduation he was offered a Regular Army commission as long as he select combat arms as his career specialty. He chose Armor then was sent to Ft. Knox, KY and later to Camp Irwin, CA for advanced desert training.
He was then offered a career in Army Aviation as a helicopter pilot. He was taught how to fly a rotary aircraft at Fort Wolters, TX and advanced training at Fort Rucker, AL.
Upon graduation he was assigned to Vietnam in the early days of the conflict flying an H-21 Sikorsky chopper. Later he was assigned to a Huey unit performing perilous duty in many combat zones. He was shot down over the coast of Vietnam and landed in the ocean. He was the sole survivor losing his crew and receiving serious, crippling injuries. He was taken off of flight status and returned to the states. He was promoted to Captain and served as transportation officer at Ft. Wolters, TX, then left the service after 8 years. Mike was awarded the Purple Heart and 7 Air Medals.
Please join us to hear resident Mike Busch’s compelling story as an Army Aviator in Vietnam.

David Berman Award

David Berman Award
At the February SCA Veterans Club membership meeting a special service award was presented to David Berman. Here are quotes from the meeting:

“David Berman not only serves our club in an unselfish manner but also the entire community with his newsy and timely blog also featuring our monthly veterans club meetings.”

Here are projects he has created and financially support personally such as:

2010 They Also Serve, a salute to military families
2013 The Flat Daddy film
2016 Arranged & personally paid for lodging/food speaker
guests at GVR

Created programs for passed hero veterans Dave Leonard & Don Williams plus many more kind deeds to our veterans.

He is a former club board member & 4 year USAF veteran. Thank you, David, for your unselfish support of our club and your service to our nation.

2017 SCAVC Officers

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Veterans Club Color Guard


 The SCAVC Color Guard was organized in 1999 and marches  at club events throughout the year.



Arnie Malinger USA; George Price USN; Jerry Jones USAF; Sydney Ingram USN; Roger Cooper USA;

Phil Citron USMC; Bill O'Malley USMC



At every membership meeting for the past five years our volunteer SUPPORT AUXILIARY TEAM* arrive early, to prepare the mess for our members and guests attending our meetings, and provide:
  • Coffee
  • Various flavors of punch
  • Cookies
  • Ice cold bottled water

Thank you, team, for stepping forward!

2016's Support Auxiliary Team is currently comprised of Toni Jerauld, Debbie Glazier, Peggi Sue Wood and Mary Ann Forgeron.